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Introduction: Welcome to all. “NEWS 4U “is one of the favorite channels of this Network that Broadcasts its Programs in Urdu language. NEWS 4U Channel Dedicated to Presenting a Unique insight on the Political world,Crime,Health,& Many More Through Exclusive Interviews, Breaking News stories, Entertainment, Special Interview with Political Leaders, Movie Actors and other Important Personalities. Stay tuned and do subscribe for more Updates. NEWS 4U: An Urdu Telugu & Hindi News Broadcaster, The foundation of NEWS 4U lies in offering the news Which Is True and Faster.

Subscribers: 10   Videos: 13   Total views: 302  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_R-7ZytK5lk9cY6LUxSfw/
Channel ID: UCI_R-7ZytK5lk9cY6LUxSfw

Channel was established: 26 May 2018.

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