The British Electrical and Manufacturing Company Limited is an independent 3rd generation electrical wholesaler with 7 branches in the UK. Our head office is located in Newcastle and our flagship store is in Wandsworth, London. We have a Works division in Glasgow that makes Switchgear and Distribution boards, and an Export Division in Lancashire. In early years, Bemco supplied a variety of electrical materials, mainly to collieries, shipyards, steelworks, and railways. These included lamps, signaling equipment specially made to mining and railway requirements, switchgear, black adhesive tape, knife switches and cable of all types, including the first trailing cables used in the pits. As a quality assured company and a founding member of ANEW buying group, we supply a wide range of electrical products at competitive prices from all major manufacturers. We remain privately owned and pride ourselves on the high level of service you might expect from a closely-knit family concern.

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