read this ???????? Hey guys welcome to my channel I’m jo or jox. I post daily, I will do a face reveal+Q&A. So please subscribe and turn your notifications ?? on. I love music,make-up, Ariana grande??Charlie Puth. I’ll make a lot of fun videos like make-up?? , challenges, blogs,with friends??. one day we’ll have 1M subs and then I hope to see you all of you guys. I wanna be a makeup artist when I grow up and I want to have my own company and it will be called……Idk yet?? My Goal: 100 Subs. ? 1k Subs. ? 10k Subs. ? 100k subs. ? 1M Subs. ? 10M subs. ??????? uhmm??yeah idk if we’ll EVER reach that many people “but always have hope. I love u all. love yourself, respect others and be kind??

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