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Kids Planet English is a destination to amazing Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Moral Stories and fun Animation Series. Watch these interactive kids’ videos and give your children a memorable childhood. Let the journey of fun, learning and happiness begin by placing your kids on your lap and singing along joyous nursery rhymes and exciting stories. If you have trouble putting your baby to bed, we have soothing lullaby to calm a crying child. Watch our videos to enjoy the best quality education carefully created to impart meaningful lessons to babies, toddlers and growing kids. Tune in to Kids Planet to keep your children updated with popular children stories and fun educational videos, while your life eases as a parent as they get happily entertained. These videos will surely bring loads of joy & giggles! For new video update notification subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon: Don't miss out!

Subscribers: 90,500   Videos: 280   Total views: 32,544,262   Gravity: 67.7*  

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Channel ID: UCBawc8nDu9SO_pzeBurOGuA

Channel was established: 20 June 2017.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $347.22

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