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On this channel I share DIY and how-to woodworking projects with step by step instructions. We build furniture, home decor and home improvement projects. I also give out woodworking advice and discuss how to grow a woodworking business and make money woodworking. I also do an occasional tool unboxing and review. I also say things like tubafour, onebafour and wompyjawed. I'm from Arkansas, born and raised. I proudly speak country slang. We have fun on this channel and share what has and has not worked for us as we build a business. We are the owners of 731woodworks.com where you will find woodworking plans and additional resources, high quality photos of the products as well as our online store. How did we came up with the name 731 Woodworks? 731 is my wife and I anniversary. July 31. The anchor in our logo is a reference to Hebrews 6:19. Be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to get notifications when we upload new content.

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Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/731woodworks/
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Channel was established: 09 May 2017.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $141.22

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