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Use this YouTube SEO tool to get some ideas about how to grow your channel (or borrow some ideas from somebody else's channel). You can also get YouTube SEO tips based on the extensive research by Briggsby. All you need to do is enter your YouTube channel ID and we'll do the rest. A channel ID looks like this: UC-ymzJSt6pk1NJL8iP5Gwyw [how to find your channel ID].

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The data for this channel could not be retrieved. This is usually due to there being non-English characters (extended unicode/emojis) in the channel's title or description.

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Sorry, we haven't found any keywords related to this channel's topics. It may be that this channel's niche is very specialised, or the channel needs more SEO work to incorporate relevant keywords into the channel's content.

The following topics could be relevant to your channel's content.

      : these topics are very popular with bloggers and vloggers. You might struggle to get visitors to your content in this niche.
      : these topics are less popular with bloggers and vloggers and you could do well with some good keyword research and marketing.
      : these topics are not that popular with bloggers and vloggers and there could be plenty of untapped niches.

If you're new to YouTube and your channel isn't that big yet then try to stick to the grey topics. However if you're more established then you will find that the orange and red niches can be extremely lucrative.

Topic Niches within Topic
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If you want to add some keywords to your YouTube channel:

  1. Go into YouTube Studio.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the left toolbar.
  3. Click on Channel Settings.
  4. Add keywords (choose some that are related to your channel's content and you have videos about.

If you want to add a description to your YouTube channel:

  1. Go into YouTube Studio.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top right hand corner of the screen (make sure it's your YouTube channel's Google a account).
  3. Click on 'Your channel'.
  4. Click on the big CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL button.
  5. Add or edit the description in the textbox. You can also use this page to add up to 5 links to your websites and social media accounts. Do make use of these too!


If you want more ideas for topics to talk about on your YouTube channel then check out our Niche Laboratory Pro tool for Windows PCs. This tool scours the internet for hundreds of ideas so you can spend less time brainstorming, and more time creating content people want to watch online.




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How to Use This YouTube SEO Tool

Enter your channel's ID into the textbox above then click on the button. Our SEO tool will analyse your YouTube channel and present some ideas on how you can grow your channel through SEO and by expanding your channel's content into other topics.

Getting Keyword Suggestions

The FindAChannel Keyword Suggestion Tool for YouTube bases its suggestions on a channel's title, description and keywords. To receive more keyword suggestions ensure that your channel has all of these. The description is particularly important and you should ensure that your description closely matches the keywords your videos are related to.

Channel keywords appear to have been deprecated by YouTube in 2021, which makes it all the more important to include keywords in your channel description. To find additional keywords for your YouTube channel then check out our free Niche Laboratory tool.

How Important is YouTube SEO?

YouTube does a pretty good job of finding out what your channel's content is about, as well as ensuring higher quality channels rise to the top of search results. However, SEO can be very beneficial if your channel is new and it doesn't have many subscribers.

The SEO suggestions made by our tool are primarily based on the research into YouTube optimization conducted by Briggsby. Although their research was published in 2018, it's still mostly relevant in 2024. The major change in this time has been that YouTube are now actively promoting shorter videos (i.e. Shorts) so shorter videos may be less penalised. However, I would caution about publishing too many short content videos, because they *will* annoy your regular viewers who subscribe for your longer content. Personally I watch YouTube 95% of the time through my TV and it's just too fiddly 'Liking' an 11 second long video.

What SEO Suggestions Can This Tool Make?

The FindAChannel SEO Tool for YouTube will make suggestions based on:

  • Channel Age: It is generally considered that SEO is particularly useful for YouTube channels that are less than a year old.
  • Subscriber Count: It makes recommendations for a major push for subscriber growth at key levels of channel subscriber count.
  • Video Total Views: This used to be a key metric for monetization and while those goalposts have now been changed Briggsby argue that reaching 10,000 total watch hours is still a priority for channels.
  • Video Count: The tool checks to see if a channel has reached the milestone of 100 published videos. Having more videos generally helps viewer retention by ensuring there are plenty of videos a viewer can watch once they have viewed one particular video. Viewers are also more likely to subscribe to channels that have plenty of content.
  • Channel Description: The tool checks that a channel has a channel description, and will make specific suggestions based on description length.
  • Channel Keywords: The tool checks that a channel has some keywords listed (note: I'm not certain that you can add channel keywords in 2024).
  • Channel Gravity: This is a value assigned by FindAChannel to every YouTube channel in the directory. It is a measure of how engaging a channel's content is. A higher value indicates that viewers consider the channel's content to be more engaging. You can improve your channel's Gravity score by producing more engaging content, snappier video editing (notice how professional YouTubers cut out pauses and mistakes), and keeping your channel to a single topic.
  • Video Titles: The tool checks for optimal video title length.
  • Video Descriptions: The tool checks for optimal video description length, and warns if the description has the potential to be flagged as possible spam.
  • Video Ratings: The tool warns if the channel's videos have a low Like to Dislike ratio.

Finally the tool is unable to check these possible YouTube SEO factors but reminds you that they could be important signal factors:

  • Video Embedding: It is generally better to leave the Embed option on for your channel's videos. It is likely that YouTube will reward channels that bring in viewers from external websites. It can also help YouTube discover what a channel is about.
  • Video Length: FindAChannel does not currently check the length of videos but video duration is fairly important when it comes to your audience. In general, viewers prefer longer videos, with the sweet spot being in the range of 10-16 minutes long.
  • Live Streaming: FindAChannel does not specifically identify Live Streams, but these can be a great way of building an audience (as well as increasing Watch Hours).

Known Issues With the SEO Tool

  • FindAChannel has been specifically designed for channels that primarily produce content in the English language.
  • FindAChannel does not support the ~8% of channels that have hidden their subscriber count.
  • FindAChannel is not keen on channels that have videos marked as Private, or channels that do not have good standing with YouTube.