Rising Stars: The Hottest Smaller Channels

These 0 YouTube channels were all started in the last three years and already have between 1000 and 25,000 subscribers. They also score very highly on our Gravity rating system, which measures how popular they are with their audiences. Go check these channels out because they are definitely doing good things.


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How to Make a Really Successful New Channel

Looking at the list above, the most successful small channels are almost entirely focussed on the consumer market, rather than creating videos for business.

There are a number of general entertainment channels listed. However, it is obvious that infotainment channels are rising in popularity, i.e. channels that will teach you something while you are being entertained. For such channels, fitness, nutrition and programming are three such examples of skills that people are interested in learning on YouTube.

I've been a blogger for many years and my most successful series of blogs came about because in 2009 I started doing something new, and started posting on a related discussion forum about it. I was a total noob at this niche, and my personal journey was a disaster. But then somebody pointed out to me that my thread on the board had something like 10x as many views as the next most popular thread! My crazy observations about this niche infuriated people beyond belief, but I attracted an audience in what I realised was an extremely lucrative niche.

If you want to start a successful new channel then a good great place to get started is to think of all the new things you've recently taken up. Have you taken up yoga? Started dating after divorce? Bought an RV camper? When you've just started something this is a really great time to blog or vlog about that topic because you're still a noob and will make huge mistakes as well as have a lot of questions that other noobs will want to know the answers to in whatever topic you've decided to create content about.

One really good example of a channel I've seen recently is A Life After Layoff. I've been in that position myself so many times it's not funny! If only I had seen the potential in my situation, and started making videos with titles such as 8 Signs You're About to Get Fired!

The only downside of this type of niche is that after a while you might run out of ideas. For example maybe the guy above got hired again. The good news is that once your channel starts gaining subscribers and views, you'll have an endless supply of ideas from viewer comments and the keywords that people search for to find your channel. Then you can switch from your own experiences to being a content curator of other peoples' problems and experiences. Content curation can be very lucrative on YouTube and it's generally much easier than coming up with your own ideas all the time.

So as you can see from this brief introduction, it's not too difficult to come up with a plan to get on FindAChannel's list of most promising new YouTube channels in 2022. Good luck with your vlogging!

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