Channels With The Most Income Per Subscriber

These YouTube channels have the highest estimated monthly income compared to their subscriber count. This data is obtained by dividing the channel's estimated monthly income by the number of subscribers. This results in a value of $ (USD) earnt per subscriber. In May 2021 the highest USD per subscriber per month was $1.05 and the 100th highest earning channel in the list was earning $0.07 per subscriber.

Note that a channel's earnings as shown on FindAChannel are just a rough estimate. There are many factors that will affect how much a channel will actually earn. It is possible that a channel may earn up to 10x as much as our estimated figures. Channel owners may also generate additional income from their channels by using endorsements, merchandise or promotion of affiliate offers. Channels may also lose potential income by receiving demonetization penalities, or by making substantial use of copyrighted music (in which case their earnings are largely reassigned to the copyright holders).

There doesn't appear to be a particular pattern to this data. At the time of writing there were a few major corporate brand music channels listed (e.g. Warner Records). These channels may achive a high number of views without gaining a proportionate amount of subscribers, since many viewers are just interested in viewing a particular video. The channels are also likely to gain a higher than average number of repeat viewers.

This list of the potentially highest earning YouTube channels with the least number of subscribers was last generated 04 December 2022 10:14. This list is regularly updated.