About Find A Channel.Net

Welcome to Find A Channel.Net. Find A Channel aims to be the #1 Internet resource for information about creators making cool stuff on the YouTube video platform.

Way back in 2013 I built Find A Forum listings site to replace the ever popular Big Boards (www.big-boards.com) that closed down for some reason.

Find A Channel is a spin-off from Find A Forum. It's basically more of the same thing, but I learnt a tonne while making Find A Forum so Find A Channel has more automation, more speed, more content and more useful data.

So what can you do on Find A Channel?

  • Use the search facility and browse the categories and tags to find YouTubers in any niche you can think of. I have weighted the algorithms towards channels that have fresh and engaging content, rather than just favouring the biggest channels.
  • Our custom written Gravity algorithm ranks every channel according to how engaging their content is. Many YouTubers have noted the importance of this metric in growing and earning income from their channel (example 1, example 2, example 3).
  • Unlike Channel Crawler, we have attempted to estimate the likely earnings of every channel in our index.
  • Browse our many lists of interesting channels, including the hottest new channels, what we believe to be the highest earning YouTube channels and those that apparently earn a lot compared to their view counts.
  • This site is a great place to find ideas, from topics to vlog about, to ways to make your thumbnails more enticing to click. If you're thinking of starting a new YouTube channel then you'll definitely want to check out our list of the 100 hottest new channels in our index.
  • Use our YouTube channel idea generator for some tips on how to grow your channel (if you have one).
  • Use the YouTube Video Title Generator to help write more interesting titles for your videos.
  • Estimate how far your channel is from getting monetized by using the 4000 Watch Hours Calculator.
  • Browse our extensive database of YouTube niches in order to find easy YouTube niches while avoiding the most competitive ones.

Technical Specifications for Geeks

Here's some data about how the Find A Channel site was built and functions.

  • The site is built using .NET Core with the server-side programming language C#.
  • I built the basic site in just three days. This was largely possible due to code sharing between Visual Studio Projects and my ability to deep focus on coding projects.
  • A mixture of jQuery and Vue.js client-side JavaScript is used on the site. I switched from Angular due to the smaller footprint and relative ease of use of Vue.js.
  • In order to maximise performance, I hand craft every SQL statement rather than using the Entity Framework.
  • The channel data is largely derived from the YouTube API. Although Google's data is generally of high quality, there is a substantial amount of content filtering to ensure that Find A Channel prioritises the display of high quality YouTube channels whose main language is English.
  • Find A Channel contains additional algorithms not used by its main competitor Channel Crawler. For example Find A Channel assigns a Gravity score to each channel which is a measurement of how engaging that channel's content is.
  • The data for YouTube niches comes from my substantial keywords databases that have been collecting since 2013. Sophisticated AI-like algorithms sift through this data to find meaning in over half a million rows of data. Content filtering is also used to ensure the site stays away from NSFW topics users and advertisers may find offensive. The PixaBay API is also used to identify and download niche related images that could potentially be displayed on Find A Channel. Due to the quirkiness of the PixaBay search, Find A Channel's image selection algorithm is a work of art.
  • Mindful that I often work full-time for employers, the site is completely self-building and self-maintaining, ensuring that I don't have to spend time on it while engaged on other projects.

BrettB, 12.03.2021