FindAChannel and YouTube Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Find Out How Many Videos a YouTube Channel Has?

Just search for a channel (by name or by topic) and the search results page will show you how many videos a channel has (or had).

If the YouTube channel isn't currently listed in FindAChannel then you can use our YouTube channel ideas generator tool to express submit a channel into our index. Note there are some eligibility criteria which are listed on the main channel submission page. You can also use this page to submit a channel and then find out how many videos it has. However there is usually a queue of channels waiting to be submitted and it's unlikely the channel you submit will be listed on this site straight away.

How accurate is this data?

The data on FindAChannel relating to a channel's number of videos comes from the YouTube API so it is 100% accurate. However the channel's current video count may have changed since we retrieved this data. Look at the bottom of the channel's details page to see when we last retrieved or updated this data. It is possible that the channel added or removed videos since this data. Note that we do not include private or unlisted videos in this count.

How to Find the Worst Like/Dislike Ratios for a YouTube Channel

Our channel video ratings are supplied through the YouTube API and each video is rated on a 0 - 5 scale, with 5 being a brilliant video and 0 being a poor video.

In practice it's rare to find videos with a huge number of dislikes and therefore a rating of 0. Such videos usually acquire a large number of dislikes as a result of viral campaigns to downvote them.

In general most videos are rated between 4 and 5. Videos with a rating below 3.5 are actually quite rare.

Channels with low viewer satisfaction are generally those with boring corporate videos, or somebody talking but not on camera. A significant number of channels do of course improve over time.

On FindAChannel we assign every channel a Gravity score. This is displayed in search listings and on the channel's details page. A large component of this is how popular the channel's videos are with their subscribers.

A page on FindAChannel you should definitely check out is our least subscribers page. This lists a large number of channels that have a lot of videos but very few subscribers. This list is a treasure trove of uninteresting channels.

How Can You Find Out How Many Subscribers a YouTube Channel Has?

FindAChannel lists the number of subscribers for all of the channels in its index. The subscriber count may have changed since we retrieved this data. Look at the bottom of the channel's details page to see when we last retrieved or updated this data.

If we don't list the channel here on FindAChannel then look on YouTube. Please do also submit the channel to FindAChannel if you think it's a channel we should know about.

But Be Aware of Hidden Subscriber Counts!

YouTube gives channel owners the option to hide their subscriber count. This also means that FindAChannel is unable to retrieve this data.

In the interests of openness and transparency, our policy is to remove any channel from our index if their subscriber count is hidden.

As of March 2021 I would guestimate that around 7% of channels hide their subscriber count, so it is quite a significant number. They may have any number of reasons for doing so. By far the most common types of YouTube channel that hide their subscriber count are big corporations, especially news channels. Maybe they don't want the embarrassment of showing us how few people actually watch them these days!