Alex Bernal –spirituality & galactic reiki–

Galactic Reiki meditation energy healing sessions to help you to heal, rise your vibration, and expand your consciousness. I respect your energy. Namaste! Please take with you whatever resonates with your heart chakra. ?? I know you respect my energy work. My galactic reiki meditation includes cosmic frequencies to help you to heal your physical, emotional and mind bodies, open your third eye meditation, chakra healing, asmr reiki for deep sleep, reiki music, light language meditation, spiritual awakening, and more. Blessings from Higher Realms to you! ? Expanding the Universe in Oneness! "Remember that Life is more than it appears to be" — Alex Bernal ?? ?? Subscribe to my Free New Cosmic Newsletter Healing and spirituality tips, LIVE Invitations, and more... #reiki #asmrreiki #galacticreiki #reikimaster #thirdeye #heartchakra #chakrahealing #lightlanguage #reikimusic #reikimeditation #energyhealing #alexspirituality #alexbernal

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