BabyZone is a channel that provides unique videos, game mods, original animations, high quality guides, easter eggs, tips & tricks, and playthrough of divers video games. I help entertain & educate my audience through my unique and original edited videos, game mods and walkthrough footages which are all recorded and edited by me. I create Story-telling videos from different games like Walking dead, resident evil, Red Dead Redemption, etc... I also cover choice-driven games which represent a big part of my content; I create unique and original all choices videos in which I cover every single choice, dialogue and outcomes of many games such as Detroit Become Human, Walking Dead, Telltale Batman, Man of Medan... I have a written permission from the publisher to use my own recorded game footage for each game I cover. For serious business inquiries you can reach me on twitter or facebook.

Subscribers: 645,000   Videos: 1,026   Total views: 496,704,052   Gravity: 75.4*  

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Channel ID: UC6vi73R2Z82ppU6OpFwml0A

Channel was established: 05 October 2012.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $5072.49

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