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Whats up friends ! Welcome to the Barbs Buzzin Youtube Channel vlog! This channel is all about having fun, while posting family friendly and fun kids videos that can be enjoyed by everyone! We post a whole variety of satisfying video including challenges, pranks, and animal videos! It is our mission to entertain you guys and help brighten up your day! You can follow us on Instagram @Barbsbuzzin for more daily news and to stay updated more closely on all the things we do, including funny fails (We also go live regularly)! We hope you all enjoy our videos and we could not do any of this without you! We also love showing you guys our unbelievable saltwater aquariums, shark tanks, and other animals and fish! The daily fish keeping drama is real! Thanks for watching, don't forget to subscribe and turn on the post notification button, so you never miss an EPIC, AWESOME, and FUNNY video! Thank you all for your support! Story time!

Subscribers: 425,000   Videos: 347   Total views: 63,840,694   Gravity: 88*  

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Channel ID: UCaUN4aJSNvlZwA8Do7dSG2w

Channel was established: 30 May 2017.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $787.11

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