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SERVING UP THE VERY BEST IN METAL MUSIC! From death to thrash to classic heavy metal, Century Media provides endless hours of heavy metal to blow out your eardrums! Music and Lyric videos, Tutorials from our artists, new tracks, behind the scenes content and more can all be accessed here on our channel. Always at the forefront with an active role in emerging stylistic nuances Century Media has truly shattered the barriers and exemplified diversity in extremes while remaining rooted in the underground but giving bands opportunities outside of the normal means with major league international touring, commercial radio play, and music placement in high-profile films, TV and commercials. Despite all of the years and breakthroughs the company maintains their organic, family feel and business is still being conducted by fans of the music for fans of the music.

Subscribers: 2,410,000   Videos: 3,120   Total views: 2,111,652,644   Gravity: 84.6*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/centurymedia/
Channel ID: UCnK9PxMozTYs8ELOvgMNKFA

Channel was established: 18 July 2006.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $14365.88

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