The official channel for the revolutionary recycling store CeX. Join us while we dish out honest reviews, funny stories, news, retro retrospectives, or just share some bants over cool topics. Here at CeX we buy, sell and exchange a vast range of technology and entertainment products. We were founded in London in 1992 and since then we've opened over 500 stores worldwide. CeX is rapidly expanding across the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Italy, Australia and Canarias. Head to webuy.com to check out all our tacky treats and gaming goodies and see how much your stuff is worth.

Subscribers: 13K   Videos: 475   Total views: 77.9M   Gravity: 44.7*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/cex/
Channel ID: UC4VHkHU8cJS4tAoUYORvA6A

Channel was established: 03 October 2013.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $1340.72

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