Chuki Beats II

Chuki is the 2nd channel of Chuki Beats. The Chuki Beats channel was started in 2014 and gained a lot of attention and succes because of the free hip hop instrumentals & free hip hop rap beats I provided! My Hip Hop instrumentals have been used by numerous big youtubers (Comedyshortsgamer, JOOGSQUAD PPJT, OpTic Pamaj, Ryan Williams, ... ) After a while we started to upload different content to the channel as well (Beat Breakdowns, Making A Beat series, Prod. By Chuki series, Featuring the best rappers, Vlogs, Live Beatmakings, etc...) Now that's in the past because Chuki Beats will contain all of my instrumentals and this 'Chuki' channel will contain all of the extra content I make. I wanted to be more free in terms of which content i'm making! So if you are interested in music, hip hop, trap, rap, any kinds of producing, bmxing bmx, going to liveshows, performances, studio sessions, vlogs, behind the scenes footage, what I do to achieve my dreams? Be sure to subscribe!

Subscribers: 396K   Videos: 348   Total views: 29.1M   Gravity: 89.7*  

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Channel ID: UC4Oy0UtQpTBGX46q_OkWzXg

Channel was established: 27 February 2017.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $217.18

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