Cyndi Lauper

Welcome to the Official YouTube Channel of Cyndi Lauper! For the past 30 years, Cyndi has been dazzling—and surprising—her fans all over the world. A multi-talented artist and one of music's most beloved icons, she has racked up global record sales of over 50 million albums and has won countless awards, including two Grammys, an Emmy, and a Tony, a distinction as a New York Times Best Selling author, as well as numerous honors for her tireless activism. Lauper is just one Academy Award (Oscar) away from the distinguished EGOT designation, an honor that only 13 other brilliant artists have ever achieved.

Subscribers: 2.6M   Videos: 116   Total views: 2.1B   Gravity: 84.9*  

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Channel ID: UC8vzbjthwDMK8dAHEte6eMQ

Channel was established: 14 March 2007.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $7378.19

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