Welcome to my car channel, I'm Jim and I'm Definitely Not A Guru, a man with a love of cars and all things automotive. I decided to share my experience and expertise with you to help with your used car purchases, car leasing and keep you up to date with all the latest automotive news in the UK. I want to help you to find the right car, at the right price and to get the best value for your money possible. This channel is probably best known for my UK Car Leasing Deals videos, UK Car News videos, and used car buying advice but I try to keep the content as varied as possible with New Car reviews, car finance comparisons, used car buying advice and more. This channel always tries to deliver honest advice for real people - like you! Follow me on Social Media, links to all my pages are here : Check my website out at : Business Enquiries: #carleasing #carnews #carreviews #carfinance

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