Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Dr. Sanda Moldovan, is a well known internationally recognized speaker, biological periodontist, and expert on holistic oral health and dental implants. Dr. Sanda is author of “Heal Up! Seven Ways To Faster Healing & Optimum Health,” & founder of Orasana® – Mouth, Food, Body, Reimagined. http://www.orasana.com for natural oral health products and supplements. You may recognize Dr. Sanda from the TV show The Doctors, KTLA5, CBS, ABC, Fox & others. Dr. Sanda believes that “the mouth is the gateway to your health,” identifying health issues that originate in the mouth to empower patients to detoxify their mouth for a healthier body. Dr. Sanda Moldovan’s practice, Beverly Hills Dental Health & Wellness, is located in Beverly Hills, Encino, and Newport Beach, California. To book a consultation, please visit www.beverlyhillsdentalhealth.com.

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