Epic Family Gaming

Epic Family Gaming is a YouTube channel for family gamers. Justin is the Dad, Cassi is the Mom and Johnny and Zoey are the kids. This family of gamers has fun doing gameplays, sketch and improv comedy videos as well as gaming walk throughs. From Playstation 4, X Box One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch or games on Steam, apps or other consols, Epic Family Gaming has the video game play videos for you! We love playing games like Roblox, Hello Neighbor, Minecraft, Lego Dimensions and other favorites.

Subscribers: 55.8K   Videos: 193   Total views: 25.8M   Gravity: 78.8*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/epicfamilygaming/
Channel ID: UCUjpapQQ-g07qb0MhmJXgpw

Channel was established: 14 September 2015.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $265.75

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