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I'm Etra, a wannabe Game Dev/Youtuber who may teach your parents how to play Fortnite. I apologize in advance. In "How Your Parents can Play" I perform tests and create software to learn the best way to teach new players how to play video games. I then modify the games to make them more suitable for new players and share my results online. In "Review of Design" I analyze things like how Undertale tries to make you a murderer or how Five Nights at Freddy's managed to make a sandbox game terrifying. If any of that sounds interesting of feel free to Subscribe to be notified of whenever my videos release! Thanks for Watching! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to e-mail me at: or DM me on Twitter! : Suppot a Creator code: 51TTQC

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Channel was established: 21 September 2017.

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