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Fabiosa Animated is a unique place in the digital world. Our channel is focused on life-story animations: honest and heart-warming stories are turned into fantastic animated videos by Fabiosa. Our videos are made to help people by teaching valuable lessons through animations based on what may have actually happened to others. A simple animated short film can open someone’s eyes to their own mistakes and help them become a better person. If you enjoy watching short animated videos, you should definitely subscribe to our channel. Check out one amazing animation ?? by Fabiosa and you’ll be hooked! If you want to partner up or collaborate with Fabiosa, you can reach us via email. (?) 2016-2020, Fabiosa Media. All rights reserved. Blogger Sans Font by S. Tkachenko available at the link: https://firstsiteguide.com/new-blogger-sans-font/ under the license CC BY 4.0. (full terms: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/) is embedded to a few videos.

Subscribers: 270,000   Videos: 994   Total views: 176,144,951   Gravity: 59.8*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/fabiosaanimated/
Channel ID: UCY7Iz6j2b2lbXnIOphdTxPw

Channel was established: 29 November 2019.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $4750.41

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