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Channel by Leonardo Pereznieto (Para español, ve al canal: ArteDivierte). To hire Leonardo Pereznieto for workshops or lectures write to the email below this information box. (Business only, not for personal messages, please.) Leonardo Pereznieto has exhibited his work in many prominent museums and galleries of cities like Florence, London, Paris, Montecarlo, Nice, Frankfurt, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, etc. He has delivered over 50 lectures all over the world including at the New York Academy of Art, the Celebrity Centre Florence and the University of Michigan. Some of the prizes he has been awarded are: -Gold Medal, Italy Award for Visual Arts. -Premio Italia, Florence, Italy. -Awarded by the International Art Festival, NY, NY -The Mozart Prize for the Arts (sculpture), Nice, France.

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Channel was established: 25 May 2010.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $523.33

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