Humphrey Yang

Former Financial Advisor (Series 7, 66), Previously worked in Gaming. Explainers, Personal Finance, Self Improvement & More. My friends would ask me finance questions all the time, so I made this channel so I could send them videos answering those questions. I love explaining things simply, and making it fun and easy. This channel is great for beginners who are looking to build wealth, learn how to keep their wealth, and get better with their personal finances, budgets, and investments. I also focus a lot of self improvement and productivity, so if you're into that - I hope you stick around! Business inquiries - please email:

Subscribers: 1.1M   Videos: 518   Total views: 188.8M   Gravity: 84.5*  

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Channel ID: UCFBpVaKCC0ajGps1vf0AgBg

Channel was established: 02 December 2010.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $2638.62

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