Innovative Dental of Springfield

Dr. O (dentist and owner of Innovative Dental of Springfield) shares his passion for dentistry by discussing the latest in cosmetic dental procedures and dental technology. The ultimate goal is to help people attain their best smile and oral health with a better understanding of what dentistry offers today. As a dentist that provides cosmetic dentistry, Dr. O has helped thousands of people achieve their best smile with procedures such as same day cosmetic veneers, accelerated Invisalign, cosmetic dental implants, and full-mouth rehabilitation, We will showcase cosmetic all porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, and same-day smile makeovers. We have created a program to help those that want Dr. O to transform their smile call Concierge Dentistry. This program provides those who are willing to travel to achieve their best smile an easy, simplified experience organized by our expert dental concierge team. We look forward go seeing you at Innovative Dental of Springfield.

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