Hello, welcome to Ivanosark This channel is all about games in video games. The content on this channel is recorded and edited by me. This is where I create funny moment videos and upload them. Sometimes, I go through thousands of clips (which no one would ever see) and choose the best ones to show you guys! + some edits to make them more cute and funny. And of course, I always ask for permission first! It is very difficult to find epic clips, sometimes it takes a whole day to find only 1-2 clips so I almost always record and edit my own content. If you have a clip with funny/epic GTA moment. You can submit it to me here: http://bit.ly/2YvagTB It will help me a lot! (Do not submit clips that you don't own.). For business inquiries: ivanosarkbusiness@gmail.com Fornite CODE : IVANOSARKYT

Subscribers: 3,230,000   Videos: 176   Total views: 669,193,761   Gravity: 77.4*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/ivanosark/
Channel ID: UCszo_IFynk5TvOYA6C3d3_g

Channel was established: 09 August 2016.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $12309.27

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