Jabreel Sagas

Welcome to Jabreel's Saga's. As a dedicated history enthusiast, I'm here to bring the stories of bygone eras to life. Join me on a journey through ancient civilizations, pivotal moments, and the fascinating tales that have shaped our world. Subscribe now to explore the depths of history together! For Business Inquiries Please Contact: jabreelalj913@gmail.com

Subscribers: 212K   Videos: 74   Total views: 83.3M   Gravity: 80.8*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/@jabreelsagas
Channel Handle: @jabreelsagas
Channel ID: UCtc12tcdm6l_YifC__UjJqA
Channel's country: United Kingdom

Channel was established: 22 June 2023.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $7481.31

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