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JOBLO SUPERHEROES features all of the latest breaking superhero-based movie trailers, clips, bloopers and featurettes, but also classic superhero videos from years past. The JoBlo Movie Network ( was founded by a major movie nerd in his parent's garage back in 1998. Over the years, it grew into one of the most popular movie fansites in the world focused on all the latest movie news, reviews, trailers and more. In 2011, the JoBlo YouTube Network was created and continued the focus on all things movies, including 8 channels (see links in right side column): our flagship JOBLO MOVIE TRAILERS, JOBLO MOVIE CLIPS, JOBLO TV TRAILERS, JOBLO ANIMATED VIDEOS, JOBLO SUPERHEROES, JOBLO HORROR, JOBLO CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS as well as our original video content channel simply called JOBLO VIDEOS. JOBLO was founded by movie fans, operated by movie fans....for movie fans!!

Subscribers: 967,000   Videos: 1,211   Total views: 518,728,047   Gravity: 59.7*  

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Channel ID: UCkRBmTHNrKc6CF6scF_y5kw

Channel was established: 29 May 2017.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $10256.88

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