Judi in the Kitchen

"Judi in the Kitchen" is all about helping YOU in the kitchen. My goal is to help you be more successful and confident in the kitchen, even if it's just achieving basic skills. We all need to eat, and cooking is a basic life skill that seems to be slipping by the wayside. I'll be sharing tips to make cooking easier and more successful. I'll be cooking and baking all kinds of foods and will make the recipes available online. I've also embarked on a journey to provide a long list of helpful videos focusing on "all things plant foods." This includes videos with general information so you can develop recipes and meals using combinations that are known to pair well together, so you can make foods YOUR WAY that appeal to you and your family. I'm also open to producing videos upon request, to help resolve issues you're having with baking or cooking. Just let me know and I'll try to help! Judi

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Channel was established: 09 January 2014.

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