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Kumbuk tree is one of the nature's extraordinary creations because of its significant process. Its has a special root system which runs under the earth making water resources its' destination. This root system has a significant ability to purify water, and provide clean water for humans and animals. Based on the activity of root system of Kumbuk tree which runs finding water, we try to gather special events and incidents around the world and present you. Different people have different abilities, some of them have very unique talents. There are talented people create amazing and useful content. We want to be a knowledge hub which has all those amazing and valuable content in one place, at your fingertips. As the Kumbuk TV, our main objevtive is to bring you various and non-montonic content daily and make you feel joyful each day. Thanks.

Subscribers: 27.9K   Videos: 711   Total views: 3.1M   Gravity: 72.5*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/kumbuktv/
Channel ID: UCP6HmOxaHCtwmksu3bxqjNA

Channel was established: 11 March 2016.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $40.10

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