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Lawyer Tips for the Real World. Educating YOU About Your Most Important Legal Rights. Ever wonder what the law says about the everyday situations you find yourself in? Curious about all the legal trivia you've been told? How about the trivia you haven't been told...yet? Law By Mike seeks to educate you on your most important legal rights. These videos break down everything you want to know about the law in a way that allows you to understand it. From a lawyer, for everyone. These are quick and entertaining videos, with plain and simple terms, designed to dramatically increase your knowledge of the law—for free. Whether you’re searching for details on a precise topic or simply believe in the principle that “knowledge is power,” join us in empowering each other. Want to join the Law Squad? Subscribe Now To Arm Yourself With All The Legal Knowledge You Need. QUESTIONS? ISSUES? CLICK MY WEBSITE LINK OR TEXT 279-LAW-MIKE (279-529-6453)

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