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Hello, I am Miriam and welcome to Miriam's manner. Miriam's manner is a lifestyle channel sharing useful information on my 3 favorite hobbies: Gardening, Home Decor, Everything Christmas. This channel will give tips and tutorials on how to beautify any space for Christmas, including trees, wreaths, mantels, garland, tables and so much more. It will also provide tutorials on how to build various things for your Christmas snow village. It will also cover information about gardening and we will tackle the different challenges that come with gardening in the desert and how to overcome them. We will discuss home decor ideas and DIY videos. I will share ideas on how to take any space from basic to beautiful. Lastly, this channel is a platform for us to share ideas and tips so we can learn together as a community. So please subscribe so your voice can be heard. indoor, outdoor, DIY, Christmas, Christmas snow village, commercial, residential, gardening, how to, etc

Subscribers: 15.8K   Videos: 302   Total views: 1.9M   Gravity: 89.4*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/miriamsmanner/
Channel ID: UC7mXZIc51zNYWyivXy5Iggg
Channel's country: United States

Channel was established: 24 May 2020.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $56.28

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