Outdoor Disasters

Outdoor Disasters tell the tales of the human capacity to survive in the worse situations we can encounter. The wilderness can be a dangerous place due to its unpredictable and challenging nature and can lead to disasters. In the forest, the mountains, the ocean, the desert, etc., human beings have the remarkable will to survive situations we don't believe we're capable of. Uploads every Sunday morning. Comments, feedback, suggestions, etc, email OD at outdoordisasters360@gmail.com

Subscribers: 41.1K   Videos: 61   Total views: 4M   Gravity: 85.1*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/@outdoordisasters
Channel Handle: @outdoordisasters
Channel ID: UCsrtvSjgVg8QgRJzysB55xA
Channel's country: United States

Channel was established: 16 February 2023.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $601.81

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