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Hey guys, this channel is about Mukbang for beauty tips, natural recipes,pink lips,cracked heels,eyes,skin,stomach,wrinkles,antiaging,Lose Weight, Flat tummy, weight loss, belly fats, lose belly fat, remove belly fat, home remedy to lose belly fat, bedtime drink to remove belly fat, how to lose belly fat fast, home remedy to lose weight, how to lose weight fast, stomach fats, weight loss tips, weight loss drink, tips to lose weight, get flat tummy, natural flat tummy remedy, natural ingredients for flat tummy, natural flat tummy tea, flat tummy water, flat stomach drink, fat burning, fat cutter drink, fat cutter tea,flatten belly,  e.t.c. I post new videos everyday, you are welcome to join the family. I ❤ humanity. just hit the subscribe button and turn on post notification. You can talk to me on

Subscribers: 937,000   Videos: 450   Total views: 90,466,856   Gravity: 55.8*  

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Channel ID: UCEpMCGaQE5BpsX7HEdkP1xw

Channel was established: 09 February 2018.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $2223.39

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