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Our relaxing music YouTube channel is evolving based on what our fans are enjoying. We are listening to your comments. Our heavenly music is geared toward people of the Christian faith and beautiful music lovers. We are happy whoever decides to use our videos for relaxing to beautiful music, Christian music, meditation videos, relaxation music, nature backgrounds, Bible reading and prayer music, sleep music, worship music and music for studying, What instruments do we use to create our meditation, relaxing music? We use violin, cello (our favorite), harp, viola, flute, piano and instrumentals. A lot of our 4k relaxation music videos with harps, violins, cellos, and pianos are created with nature background scenes. We find these calming and are finding a lot of our fans are too. We hope you enjoy our relaxing, beautiful, calming, soothing, peaceful and heavenly music and their videos. God bless! Subscribe to Prayer Pray to enjoy our relaxing music. New music weekly!

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Channel was established: 05 May 2016.

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