Go Beyond Protection with Rokform. Since 2010, we at ROKFORM have brought innovation and ingenuity to how our cases are created, manufactured, and enjoyed by our customers. Our team of dedicated experts in the industry works tirelessly to bring you not only top-of-the-line protective phone cases and car mounts but also the best customer service in the business! We combine this durability with a sleek design that is both lightweight and functional. ROKFORM cases include an integrated magnet that can be used in a variety of ways. So you can rest assured that your iPhone, Samsung, and other Android phones will be perfectly safe. ROKFORM products are made only from the best materials. They're made to be powerful, discreet, and user-experience enhancing every step of the way. No matter which smartphone case or car phone mount you choose, we guarantee your mobile phone will be protected and easy to use! SHOP:

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Channel was established: 13 January 2011.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $22.58

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