Sasha Yanshin

This channel is all about managing money, financial products and making money online. The best info about personal finance, wealth and being smart with money. I have spent my whole career working in banks and the financial services industry and I have designed, built and launched credit cards, current accounts, loans, mortgages and other financial services products for many of the leading companies in the UK and around the world including Mastercard, HSBC, Capital One, Bank of America and Barclays as well as many challenger banks and fintech startups. I now want to use the experience I have built up and my in-depth knowledge of exactly how the financial services industry works to give you the best advice that is based on facts and the many small things that can make a big difference to how you manage your money.

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Channel was established: 18 March 2020.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $1364.33

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