Toddlers, kindergarten and elementary school children – come and SING with Steve and Maggie! We post funny, interactive, and educational songs monthly in the form of compilation clips to keep your children entertained for hours! . Sing with Steve and Maggie is a channel from Wattsenglish Ltd. It is a sing-along channel featuring Steve and Maggie from the popular ‘Steve and Maggie’ YouTube Channel. The songs are a happy mix of education and entertainment. . To download our songs visit where you can also buy merch and apps! . We love hearing from our fans, so send us a message on Instagram at steveandmaggieofficial or send an email to . Subscribe and sing along with Steve and Maggie! Happy Singing!

Subscribers: 49.6K   Videos: 39   Total views: 18.3M   Gravity: 63.9*  

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Channel ID: UCeO9uWOK2w-c2h3zzBDCqmQ

Channel was established: 26 June 2020.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $292.10

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