Real Stories, Animated | storybooth is a digital platform that invites teens to record and submit their stories with a chance to have them animated and shared with the world. Embarrassment, heartbreak, challenges or triumphs; sad, serious, or funny - we're looking for all kinds of stories - they just need to be real. Stories we select are then turned into animations and are published and distributed online for viewing, sharing, and engaging with on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Also, check out our newly launched Spanish channel, storybooth en Español - at (Además, consulte nuestro canal en español recién lanzado, Storybooth en Español, en

Subscribers: 4.5M   Videos: 244   Total views: 1.7B   Gravity: 75.5*  

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Channel ID: UCWENB1OaGA9402PKzEVl0ow

Channel was established: 02 April 2015.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $15156.02

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