The Economic Ninja

Entrepreneur since I started selling candy in the 6th grade. I thrive on challenges, economics and business. I "flipped" quite a few homes in the early 2000s and have owned multiple rental properties, so I have a lot of personal experience with real estate transactions, loans, remodeling homes. I have "a super human thirst for economic knowledge." I spend many hours every day listening to and reading articles on market trends, interest rate cycles, and all aspects of economics and the world of finance. Then I found #Silver #Bitcoin, #Theta, #XRP and I was forever changed. I dove into crypto currencies back in '16. Finance is changing faster than you know. You can change with it or get steamrolled by it. My energy, knowledge and experience is what will make this YouTube channel a wild success. I will strive to be honest and real with my followers with one goal in mind, to help transform others into what they have always wanted to be and to make this life their best life possible.

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Channel was established: 09 October 2012.

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