UFC 4 Tips And Tricks

Hello UFC 3 Gamers! Welcome to UFC 3 Tips And Tricks, The ONLY channel that's 100% dedicated to helping YOU become the BEST at UFC 3! This channel was meant to help everybody from the EA UFC 3 NOOB, to the ELITE level fighters and virtual black belts. I encourage you all to leave any questions (or tips) you have in the comment section. I often make videos based on what people ask me and even shout them out in the video. If you want to improve your all-around UFC 3 game consider checkout out our "In-depth tutorial" playlist. Here we share everything from in-depth ground game tutorials to striking tips and strategies. As I've played the UFC series, I've noticed that I consistently find new things even after thousands of fights and over a year with the game. You'll find these 'rare' tips in our playlist titled 'Rare Tip Series'. You can look forward to videos about striking, submissions, RARE submissions, escaping certain positions, and my suggestions for UFC 4!

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