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we sold everything to travel the world. after living in what many would consider a 'perfect house' and a great little town in the mountains, we didn't feel satisfied with our lives. every time we went on a road trip we thought "wouldn't it be great to just live wherever we wanted when we wanted?!" after binge-watching #vanlife vlogs for nearly 3 years, we took the leap and in 2019 we sold everything we owned to build out our tiny home on wheels so we could travel every day. 3 years into this whole van life thing and now we also trek & travel around the world in between our USA van life trips and we have no intention of going back to 'regular life'. we created this channel to inspire people to follow their intuition and trust that what they want is 100% possible. let's see what happens, crystal gordon and brian brown (thanks for visiting our little slice of heaven on earth - vanhalla ;) BIZ INQUIRIES: (we don't do SM)

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