Waqar Zaka

Web3 l NFT l Metaverse l Biggest Cryptocurrency Awareness Channel for Urdu-speaking crowd around the world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waqar_Zaka Waqar Zaka is the leading voice in the crypto space since 2015, having over 4.7 Million crypto followers on www.fb.com/waqarzaka, he has been invited at the leading Blockchain conferences around the world as a speaker because of his crypto social media marketing skills & charity work in the warzone areas, teaching refugees how they can use crypto to earn profits without middlemen & especially for creating content that attracts a massive audience towards the crypto space. Famous for getting Crypto unbanned in Pakistan by fighting a Court case without a lawyer as in Pakistan no one had any idea about crypto at that time, launching hydro-power based Crypto mining farms in Northern areas of Pakistan, launched a proof of stake. Collaboration: teamwaqar@waqarzaka.net.

Subscribers: 1,300,000   Videos: 1,602   Total views: 105,140,541   Gravity: 68.6*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/@waqarzaka/
Channel ID: UCNc2cFy7_fRlcD0x-ddMFlQ

Channel was established: 28 April 2015.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $3450.81

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