Hey everyone, I'm David and I'm a parrot trainer from the UK! On this channel you'll find parrot education content along with some fun videos featuring our flock members/myself! My parrot flock: 🦜Chip and Fish - Cockatiel brothers! 🦜Pickles, Olive, Scampi, Louis - Green Cheek Rescue conures! 🦜Kipling & Charlie - Rescue Crimson Bellied conures! 🐥Support me and my flock & get access to exclusive extra content: 🛒Amazon Store: 👨‍💼Direct business enquires regarding promotion/partnership: 🐦 Need professional help and advice on your bird's behaviour, care and training? 🐦Check out Our business Website: My other interests: 🎲- Wargaming & Board Games 🎮- Video Gaming 🐣- Researching parrot behaviour and welfare 🐛- Invertebrates 🏌️‍♂️- Golf Thanks for stopping by!

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