Wisdom Preserved

To Marie and Emmaline the lost arts are the useful knowledge related to simple living, country living, modern homesteading, and old-fashioned traditions that are not readily being passed down from generation to generation as it used to. It includes sustainable living skills like gardening, canning basics, and homesteading skills. Some of Marie and Emmaline's favorite hard skills include boiling waterbath canning, pressure canning, steam juicing, dehydrating, and fermenting our own food to add to our pantries and food storage. What Are the Lost Arts? Lost arts are the basic skills for self-sufficient living that have been forgotten or replaced by modern technology. --- WISDOM PRESERVED Marie and Emmaline’s friendship was almost instantaneous. Within 20 minutes of their first meeting, they were discussing their shared passion for the lost arts. Their collective enthusiasm has created this worthy endeavor, and their individual strengths have made a project of this magnitude possible.

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