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Welcome to YT Finance, let's make some money together! I will be buying stocks, cryptocurrencies, and assets like real estate so you know exactly what I am buying on the stock market, crypto market, and real estate market. I will demonstrate how to gain income through dividends by investing in the stock market or by staking cryptocurrency and earning interest. We will perform analysis on stocks, financial statements, and brokerage accounts. I will also compare passive income dividend investing approaches against growth stock investment strategies. From time to time we can experiment with options trading and day trading. This is a place to learn about finance, listen to stock news, and learn how to make wise financial investments. These entertaining financial education videos will consist of going over the benefits of ETFs, Index funds, Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, and other financial vehicles. Disclaimer: I'm not an accountant, attorney, financial advisor, or CFA. This is not financial advice.

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