Welcome! I'm Zuzucorn! I absolutely love Terraria, so join me for weekly uploads of Terraria Guides, Gameplay, and other content! My goal is simple, and that is to make you chuckle or smile a little, to encourage you for the day ahead! You're important to me, so I humbly welcome you! Here on this channel, we upload weekly gaming videos that aim to entertain you as your passively procrastinate! From AAA to Indie games, I want to give you the best authentic casual gaming experience I can. I want to give you a place you can call home, a place you can come back to whenever you want to experience some games! Let us build a wonderful, close-knit community together, one step at a time! Subscribe now to join in the ever-expanding Zuzucorn Family! ? Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zuzucorn.yt/ ?Twitter: https://twitter.com/zuzucorn Channel Banner was done by the amazing https://www.instagram.com/doodalyn/ Go check her out and give her a follow!

Subscribers: 78.4K   Videos: 107   Total views: 9.6M   Gravity: 86.3*  

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzUa0rzlTeADFnMTkVTJ5hA/
Channel ID: UCzUa0rzlTeADFnMTkVTJ5hA

Channel was established: 18 December 2019.

Channel's estimated monthly earnings: $241.23

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