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Welcome to Find A Channel - the #1 Internet resource for information about YouTube Channels and Niches.

I'm Brett, and if you want to contact me about Find A Channel or any of my other sites then my contact details are below.

What I'm interested in:

  • I want more people to know about my new sites. If you help me publisise them by sharing my sites' URLs I will gladly send you some cool data from my extensive collection of niche data (started in 2013). For example I built this list of expired blog & forum domains from my domains data and here's some YouTube niche data. My portfolio of sites: FindAForum.Net (like FindABlog, but for internet discussion boards), The Solo Ads Directory (a directory of solo ads vendors). I also run the Niche Laboratory suite of free research tools. By the way I am a professional coder and have built all of my sites myself (including FindAChannel).
  • I will do email or video interviews if you want to feature my sites on your blog, vlog or social media presence - just think of some questions to ask me. More details here.
  • If you have a problem and you think I can code something to solve that problem, let me know. For example on FindAChannel I built this 4000 watch hours calculator.
  • Of course, let me know if something has broken or doesn't work properly!

What I'm not interested in:

  • Don't email me about your new YouTube channel. Submit channels here.

BrettB, 22.08.2021