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This page lists YouTube channels related to the bath and body works niche. Some of these channels focus exclusively on the bath and body works niche while others may only devote a few videos to it.

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1. Lynette Bledsoe United States
  747 videos   3K subscribers   430.5K total views
  75.1 gravity

Welcome to my Youtube channel!! I’m Latina blogger who who fell in love with blogging & sharing my thoughts on beauty, home decor, haircare, recipes, life and everything in between so hope you found the right place for you! If you love to shop then you’ll love my Shop With Me & Haul videos. I...
Channel started: October 2011.


2. Lydia Emily Canada
  815 videos   5.6K subscribers   2M total views
  56.1 gravity   $44 estimated monthly earnings

23 CANADIAN ?? all things lifestyle, fashion, productivity ??
Channel started: May 2020.


3. Bath & Body Works
  868 videos   35.3K subscribers   12.5M total views
  66.1 gravity   $43 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to the Bath & Body Works YouTube channel. Subscribe now & join us in celebrating with fragrance every day ?? ? Bath & Body Works is the #1 brand in Candles, Fine Fragrance Mist, Body Lotion & much more of your favorite Fragrant Body Care & Home Fragrance Products. We’re a team who cares...
Channel started: September 2006.


4. Scrap Dog United States
  319 videos   26.3K subscribers   4.6M total views
  78.3 gravity   $54 estimated monthly earnings

Dumpster Diving Big Box Stores Like PetSmart,Petco,Bed Bath and Beyond,Dollar Tree, Aldi and Lots More. A Look into the World of Dumpster Diving. A Daily Dumpster Diving Aldi Video showing what Aldi throws away day after day. Showing Dumpster Hauls and Finds.Showing Dumpster Find Sales....
Channel started: June 2018.


5. mesarastarr United States
  2.7K videos   18K subscribers   4.6M total views
  70 gravity   $32 estimated monthly earnings

Shopping Hauls Email: Friend Mail: MESARASTARR 9105 Bruceville Rd. 1A PO Box # 583204 Elk Grove, CA 95758
Channel started: December 2013.


6. Tina - Marie United States
  3.1K videos   51.5K subscribers   11.3M total views
  68.7 gravity   $157 estimated monthly earnings

I am a Plus Size Beauty Vlogger. I love to shop and stay up to date on the latest fragrance,makeup,beauty, and plus size fashion trends and music ! So, if your down for videos with kids, real talks and maybe a little who am I kidding a lot of silliness Subscribe today. New Videos out Weekly....
Channel started: October 2012.


7. LiVing Ash
  436 videos   107K subscribers   13.6M total views
  88 gravity   $199 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to LiVing Ash ? My channel is your go-to destination for what’s new in your favorite stores, authentic thoughts and reviews on your favorite products, shopping alongside me so you can see firsthand what’s in stores before your next trip, and life changing hygiene and body care tips. What...
Channel started: July 2017.


8. EnglishProfStyle United States
  1.3K videos   2.4K subscribers   372.3K total views
  62.8 gravity

Hi guys! Welcome, my name is Aidan. I am so happy you stopped by ??. Two of my biggest passions are teaching First-Year Writing at a university and makeup and fashion. A love of fashion and a mind for lit, a combination made in heaven? I created this channel to share my love of beauty products...
Channel started: June 2011.


9. Philly Candle Man United States
  554 videos   6.3K subscribers   893K total views
  78.4 gravity   $12 estimated monthly earnings

Candle Reviews from Yankee Candle, Kringle Candle, HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin, Bath & Body Works and more! Help support the channel by donating
Channel started: August 2017.


10. Abigail Jordan United States
  85 videos   1K subscribers   341.7K total views
  48.5 gravity

Hi guys welcome to my channel! Here shortly you will find makeup tutorials, plus size fashion and lots of reviews Please Subscribe so you don't miss anything! :)
Channel started: July 2009.


11. Key to Disney and Fragrance
  660 videos   2.6K subscribers   451.7K total views
  58.3 gravity   $8 estimated monthly earnings

Hello everyone! My name is Kami and welcome to my channel! On my channel, we do all things Disney, Bath and Body Works, and more :)
Channel started: March 2021.


12. Melissa C United States
  243 videos   5K subscribers   457.1K total views
  84.1 gravity   $12 estimated monthly earnings

Hello and welcome to my channel! My name is Melissa. I have a degree in music, I have four cats, and I was one of the managers at a Bath & Body Works for 6 years. On my channel, you will find videos all about Bath & Body Works including my stories and experiences as a manager, how I organize...
Channel started: September 2020.


13. Dumpster Haulics
  68 videos   157K subscribers   15.4M total views
  63.9 gravity   $158 estimated monthly earnings

Dumpster diving twins! We love to dive at Ulta, Five Below, Bath and Body Works, Kirklands, and many more places! Follow us on Instagram @dumpsterhaulics for daily updates!
Channel started: January 2017.


14. Cynthiam106 United States
  906 videos   8.4K subscribers   2M total views
  44.1 gravity   $23 estimated monthly earnings

Hello Friends, My name is Cynthia and I am currently a stay at home mom of 3 boys. My boys are my life and they are 13, 9, and 6 years old. I am also a dog mom of a 1 year old maltipoo who I also love with all my heart. On my channel you will find a lot of haul videos especially when it comes to...
Channel started: November 2011.


15. Alexis Schlueter
  781 videos   4.6K subscribers   859.2K total views
  78.8 gravity

Welcome to my channel where I share my love of home fragrance, my dog, traveling, and more! Home fragrance is my passion, and I am an independent Scentsy consultant as well.
Channel started: October 2014.


16. bbwcandlegirl United States
  254 videos   4.3K subscribers   518.9K total views
  78.8 gravity   $8 estimated monthly earnings

I love fragrance and I am here to share that passion with you! I have been a lover of Bath and Body Works for many years and have accumulated quite a collection. I started this journey on Instagram (bbwcandlegirl) a few years ago and decided I wanted to share my content with more people! I'm my...
Channel started: April 2021.


17. Queen of the Girl Geeks
  2.9K videos   28.1K subscribers   9.3M total views
  71.1 gravity   $104 estimated monthly earnings

Bonnie is an over 50 lifestyle vlogger. She was a girl geek long before it was cool to carry that moniker. In high school, she was a theatre geek who had a thing for 80’s music and developed a love for everything pop culture. As an 80’s girl Duran Duran, Boy George, and Cyndi Lauper were her...
Channel started: February 2019.


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About the Bath And Body Works Niche

Bath & Body Works, LLC. is an American retailer under the L Brands umbrella, along with Victoria's Secret. It was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio and has since expanded across 6 continents. In 1997, it was the largest bath shop chain in the United States of America. It specializes in shower gels, lotions, fragrance mists, perfumes, creams, candles, and home fragrances. Source: WikiPedia

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