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1. Viral Queens   2,060 videos   944,000 subscribers   774,742,463 total views   82.3 gravity   $44133.76 estimated monthly earnings
Hey Guys, The videos that I post are not mine and I'm not making money of someones video, I just post them for fun for copyright issues please contact me at: ?? ?? ??
Channel started: February 2021.


2. Lemon Craft   88 videos   688,000 subscribers   145,900,891 total views   53.2 gravity   $5267.94 estimated monthly earnings
Hey! you are on the Lemon Craft channel! This channel contains the funniest compilation of videos in minecraft. Do not forget to like and subscribe to the channel ! Nice viewing bro.
Channel started: March 2021.


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1. Villa Oliva Netherlands
  91 videos   17.4K subscribers   1.1M total views
  89.9 gravity   $52 estimated monthly earnings

Hey there, my name is Sam and together with my girlfriend Lyanne, we are on a quest to restore the beauty of this old Italian villa from 1895. Join us as we have to let go of our Dutch habits to fit in in our Italian surroundings, where the word 'plan' gets redefined and our tastebuds are...
Channel started: September 2022.


2. Helpful Mum United Kingdom
  658 videos   5.2K subscribers   1.5M total views
  55.9 gravity   $15 estimated monthly earnings

Hello! My name is Siân and I am a 38 year old Mum of two, a boy born in March 2009 and a girl born in March 2011. I run a Bed and Breakfast in the Yorkshire Dales, as well as a successful blog and social media channels. My YouTube channel was a finalist in the Northern Blog Awards 2017 & 2018...
Channel started: August 2011.


3. Yvonne Halling - Bed and Breakfast Coach United Kingdom
  261 videos   5.2K subscribers   267K total views
  74.8 gravity

Channel started: April 2010.


4. ZEN HOTEL LAB United States
  125 videos   3.4K subscribers   1.2M total views
  11 gravity   $21 estimated monthly earnings

Welcome to ZEN HOTEL LAB! Here, you'll find a collection of videos showcasing some of the best hotels and resorts around the world. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about where to stay on your next vacation or business trip. Our team of travel experts has personally visited and...
Channel started: February 2020.


5. Marisa Raoul - Tales From Tuscany Australia
  125 videos   2.2K subscribers   193.5K total views
  77.4 gravity

"I write to live...I live to travel...I travel to discover...I discover to learn...I learn to share...I share to love" Marisa Raoul c 2008 Since I was a tiny girl, I have loved to share my passions for creativity, art, words, music, movement and travel. Many of you may remember me from my...
Channel started: March 2013.


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About the Bed And Breakfast Niche

A bed and breakfast is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts are often private family homes and typically have between four and eleven rooms, with six being the average. In addition, a B&B usually has the hosts living in the house. Bed and breakfast is also used to describe the level of catering included in a hotel's room prices, as opposed to room only, half-board or full-board. Source: WikiPedia

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